Baltic Sea Savour

Daniel Talcoth ︎︎︎


Carl Almquist ︎︎︎

The Baltic Sea is dying. For ages it’s been on the receiving end of human ignorance. The high levels of micro plastics and toxins make our ocean one of the most polluted in the world.

Change is long overdue, yet the actions on restoring it have been few. So here’s us putting our hope in an unexpected bunch.

Save the sea, says the Sea Savour
– and the drunks shall answer.

How’s that for transition?

The water used to brew this beer was once salty and filthy. But with the help from Stallhagen Brewery, reverse osmosis and a bit of good ol entrepreneurship the water is now exquisite lager – made from Baltic Sea water.

In order to go full circle we also decided part of the earnings should go towards Baltic Sea Action Group with several ongoing projects on saving the ocean.
Now, does that make us Jesus? Yes.

The typeface is created with black garbage bags.  A symbol for the large amount of plastics found in the sea.
We named it Sea Savour Sans.