Our project is meant to showcase our journey at Forsbergs and all the different projects and briefings we’ve worked on these years. The theme transition is illustrated in how we as students transition from studying to graduating and starting our new lives and our careers.

Our goal is to show different parts of our work from start to finish, and our own and our classmates' development through the years.
        This journey and development is visualized in a series of promotional posters and in a jacket with plastic pockets with images from everyone’s projects.

The jacket was made from plastic photograph pockets, sewn together by hand to create the shape of a jacket. The plastic pockets are 10 by 15 centimetres in size.
        The images were then placed in the pockets after they were edited to create a cohesive theme and look, and a layout was established. The images were edited in Adobe Photoshop and the layout was created in Adobe InDesign.
Forsbergsjackan is an homage to the school for teaching us so much, our teachers, and of course our classmates for making these 2 years so inspirational and educational.