Gabriela Mora

TCK is a magazine that highlights the creativity that is shaped and flourishes from the experiences of being a TCK.

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I remember the first time I heard Erik Lundin's song “Suedi”. It hit me and my friends right in our hearts and put feelings about our childhood into words. This was maybe the first time our history was so clearly represented in popular culture.
        The clash between being a Swedish kid by heart but seen as an immigrant by everybody else. "Where are you from, originally?" is a question we get so often that we, ourselves begin to wonder. Ok, so let’s take it from the top. What is a TCK - a Third Culture Kid? The definition is “A person whose individual culture is a fusion of two or more cultures to which they were exposed during childhood.”
With my project, I aimed to explore how to transform the search for one’s identity into strength and what the results are. I wanted to see how TCK's in the creative space navigates in, out, and between these imaginary cultural boundaries that have been applied to them.
        One of the goals of the project is to make the search for identity and belonging shorter to others than it has been for us. And most of all, this magazine is a celebration to everyone who is a child of a culture you, yourself have defined. The content of the magazine is based on interviews, personal stories, projects, photo series, and quick reads. For the design, I wanted to show diversity in motion and transition, and the delightful process of cultural and aesthetic synthesis.
My vision was to work with layers in the typography and colors mixed with gradients as a symbolism for the many layers and borderless cultural context that TCKs navigate between. The colors I have used are the three primary colors since they are the source of all other colors and can be mixed into endless options.              
        The typefaces are all designed by female type designers, something that was very important for me to work with in this project. A HUGE shoutout to everyone who contributed to this magazine by sharing themselves, their history, art, and words. This project is a result of our collective creation and I’m immensely thankful to all of you.