We are all kids in the beginning

Lennon Åkesson
lennons.se ︎︎︎

My interpretation of the general theme “transitions” became “alla är vi barn i början” which roughly translates to “we are all kids in the beginning”. No human is born evil, we are all neutral and the human in itself is good. But everything we experience molds and shape us in different ways to make different choices and to develop different characteristics.

I decided I wanted to express my project through an animated short film, where you get to follow a person from birth to adult age.
        From birth the child is given very normative and ideal prerequisites: two parents that love their child unconditionally, and a roof over their head to keep them safe. Though, the older the child gets, the harder it becomes to live a good life and make good choices, as quick changes and trauma affects the child to the point where they need to get an emotional outlet somewhere.
In a world where internet hate and cyber bullying has flared up this outlet is just a few keystrokes and comments away, but for many people that is just the beginning.
        To process and get over trauma is hard, and it takes a lot of mental strength. Some are ready for therapy and rehab earlier in life than others, for some it takes longer. With this short film I also want to shine a light on the possibility to get through hard times and dark periods in life, when you are at your lowest and everything feels meaningless, it can only get better.
        Nothing is impossible, sometimes you just need a helping hand, but everything works out in the end.