Dear Poster

Louise Olofsson ︎︎︎
louiseolofssons[at] ︎︎︎

Can you describe how you feel?
I have always found it incredibly difficult to explain my feelings in words, because feelings for me are something you cannot touch, you just feel, right?
I remember my first conversation with my psychologist.
She asked me how I was, I said I wasn't feeling well.
Can you describe how you feel? 

I remember I had a hard time explaining to her what was happening in my body. After many conversations and various tasks to understand myself and understand my feelings, I got enough tools to be able to move on by myself, without help. Her advice to me was to start writing a diary. Absolutely I said — knowing that I wouldn’t.
        When I was a child , everyone kept a diary, and so did I. I found my old diary a few years ago. There it was, so clear, I had no idea how to describe in words what I felt, how to tell my deepest secrets to this holy book. 
However, something I found interesting was that on each page I had drawn something, I drew myself when I cried. I drew hearts, lightning and sometimes different patterns.
        When I felt really good and was looking forward to something, I had a gold pen that I wrote with. Maybe this is my way of describing what I feel?
My project will focus on expressing emotions in color and shape. For 14 days, I'm going to keep a diary without words.
        The diary will take the form of Posters. Every day I will fill an empty canvas with my emotions using the seven graphic elements, line, shape, color, texture, type, space and image.