The 4 Seasons

Malin Köhler Enstedt ︎︎︎
malinkohler[at] ︎︎︎

The seasons symbolize the transition of the human life from birth, over the active period, to old age and eventually death.

Spring is the time of birth and symbolizes a beginning or a restart in life. A hopeful time where you have the whole future in front of you, a harmonious season full of hope and love. It can represent the childhood and youth. Pink, blue, green, yellow and white are colors that I think fit well into this season when the symbolism is rebirth, harmony, hope and calm.
        Summer is life and the time of the highlights where the human is in his best condition. A time full of positive emotions, self-confidence and joy.
A wonderful time in life where all the living things live to the fullest. Pink, green, yellow, coral red and gold are the colors I chose for this season, because the symbolism is positivity, life, energy, power and self-confidence.
Autumn is the time of maturity and represents a person's inner maturity. It symbolizes the end of something, old age and love. Life is in the autumn of its age. Brown, orange, scarlet, purple and gold are colors that symbolize stability, security, intelligence and strength.
        Winter is the time of darkness and coldness where life stands still. It symbolizes emotional coldness and death, eternal rest. For this time of year, I chose the colors blue, gray, black, white and silver because the symbolism is calm, emotionless, mysterious and relaxed.